Frequently Asked Questions

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What does HTPC stand for?

HTPC is an acronym for How To Program Code. It's a website that teaches you how to program code.


What is the purpose of this site?

How To Program Code - is a website that helps people from around the world, from beginner to expert developers, learn how to program code. After all, software engineering is a journey. Ask any developer and you will realize that it is a continual learning process which never ends.


How much does it cost for a membership?

Throughout HTPC, you will discover several free lessons and courses. If you would like to experience members only features, you may upgrade to our Premium Membership plan, which is $25 USD per month.


Does HTPC support programming language syntax highlighting in my courses?

Yes! We support several languages and syntax highlighting. When you create a new course, you can add code blocks to demonstrate to your audience what concepts you're trying to convey. Through this, you can add your own syntax highlighting to your code blocks. Please contact us if you need to support more languages for syntax highlighting.


Can I hide my user profile?

Yes, you can hide your user profile. This is a great way to keep your profile private.


Can I change my username?

Yes, you may change your username, however this feature is only for our Premium Members. If you would like to change your username, please upgrade your subscription to Premium.


Can I change my course content after it's published?

Yes, you may change your course attributes after your course and tracks are published. Head over to your dashboard and select Courses from the navigation menu, then select which course you'd like to modify. Follow the instructions and you will be all set in real-time. You have full control of your content from anywhere in the world.


Can I publish my own content on this site?

Yes! If you're an author or instructor of quality software development content we welcome you to join and publish your content.


Are there beginner courses on HTPC?

Yes, in fact we are focused on three types of competencies of programming courses. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced courses. If you are looking for something else, please let us know!


Can I find a job through HTPC?

As of now, kind of. You can set your public profile to 'Hireable' from within your user profile edit page found in the Dashboard. Eventually, we will be incorporating our job partners to help match candidates to our jobs partners and platforms. Our primary goal right now is to educate software engineers, to help them become better at their craft.


Will I make money from my content?

Eventually, yes, you will earn a percentage of the revenue from your content. The remaining percentage will go to HTPC. We will use this revenue to pay for the costs of running the site. Including hosting, development, and marketing. As of now, we are not making money from our content as we just launched.


Does HTPC have a native mobile app to download?

Eventually, yes, well... perhaps. As of now, no. Please let us know if you're interested in having a native mobile app.


How can I report a bug?

You may report all bugs you may encounter through our Discord channel. If Discord isn't your thing, contact us through our contact page. We will address the issue asap.


Does HTPC support languages other than English?

No, not at this time but we will soon be adding support for other languages.


Besides programming topics, what educational topics can I discover or publish on this site?

At this time, we would like to focus on programming topics. However, we are open to expanding to other topics in the future. We are mission driven to create educational courses for the world. Teaching others how to do something is a great way to learn anything.


I'd like a refund for my membership. How can I do that?

Please contact us in order to facilitate a refund. We will refund your membership fee within 30 days of your cancellation.


Do I have to use GitHub?

Yes, in order to sign up or sign in, we require all of our members to use Github Oauth. You can sign up for a free account at and then follow the instructions to sign in. Once you have completed the signup process on Github, you will be able to sign in to HTPC. In the future, we may add other sign in methods.


Can I create new discussion topics?

No, only our admins can create new discussion topics. We will be adding new features to this site in the future.


How do achievements work?

Achievements works by rewarding users with badges. You can earn badges by completing courses, answering questions, and posting content. You can see your achievements on your dashboard page under the Achievements tab.


As a student or participant, can I leave a comment on the course or track?

No, not at this time. Eventually, if the demand increases, we will consider adding a threaded comments section to each course or track. You can reach out to the instructor on social media or email to discuss your thoughts or concerns.


Can I publish content that does not belong to me?

No, you ma only publish content that you have created, or that you have been given permission to publish. We will immediately take down content that violates our Terms of Service and Content Creation Policies. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Can I earn a certificate or degree from attending a course?

No, at this time we do not provide certificates or degrees for courses. However, we will be adding this feature in the future as we expand our site and course content.


Can I search for topics, courses, or tracks?

As of right now, no. Unfortunately, we have not launched this feature yet. Our primary goal right now is to bring in new instructors, students, and provide high quality programming courses. Once we have a large enough inventory of content, we will add search functionality.


Can I host my course videos outside of Youtube?

As of right now, no. We intentionally do not allow videos to be hosted outside of Youtube. We also recommend you make your course videos 'unlisted' on YouTube if you're planning on selling your courses, tracks, and content on HTPC.


How do sponsored courses work?

Instructors can choose to add a sponsor to any course they publish. You can add an affiliate link to the course, which will appear on all course tracks for this particular course content. Sponsored courses can help you as a content creator generate extra income, as well as helps bring awareness to your audience for a given product or service. In the end, everyone benefits by sponsoring their content.