Introduction to HTML & HTML5


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Welcome To HTML5

Welcome to the introduction to html5 i am eric david smith and i will be your instructor for this course in this powerful html5 course we will cover the latest html5 features and how you can apply them to create beautiful modern and accessible websites whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer we truly hope that you will enjoy this course to its full extent in this course

Learning the Basics

We will be learning the basics of html5 it will be a great foundation for learning web development after all html is what powers most of the web today html is a markup language it is used to describe the structure of a web page html stands for hyper text markup language hypertext defines the link between the web pages the markup language is used to define the text document within the tag which defines the structure of web pages html5 is the

HTML5 Versions

Fifth and current version of html in the next lesson we will discuss the prerequisites needed to continue along in this course some of the items will include tools that you may already have readily available really all you need is a computer tools such as a notepad or a text editor a web browser and a reliable internet connection are all that are required to write html and html5 documents this course is designed for beginners although if you're an advanced

Web developer you may learn a thing or two as well

Up Next: Prerequisites for HTML5

In the next lesson, we will discuss what prerequisites are necessary to begin programming code in HTML and HTML5. Click the "Up Next" button to continue learning in this course.

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